Village of Whitney Point Downtown Strategic Plan

In response to a perceived economic decline, deterioration of the quality of life, and the widespread community concern over the condition of its Downtown, the Village of Whitney Point decided that a Strategic Plan for the revitalization of its Downtown area was sorely needed.  The Plan details the issues facing the Downtown, while providing specific guidance regarding identified and prioritized actions that will affect positive change in the area.  The Village adopted the Plan in April of 2008.

To fund the Strategic Plan, the Village was awarded $13,800 in grant funds from the Technical Assistance Program of the then NYS Office of Community Renewal which Thoma wrote on the Village's behalf.  We were subsequently hired to write the Strategic Plan.  The Village provided additional funding and in-kind services.  

Six strategies for revitalizing the Whitney Point Downtown were developed, including:

  • Establish the Downtown as a center for arts and culture in northern Broome County.

  • Leverage the Downtown's location on major transportation routes to capture day and overnight visitors, including travelers to nearby colleges and universities.

  • Capitalize on the area's natural resources, including the Tioughnioga River and Dorchester Park, to attract visitors to the area and to promote health and wellness among the local population.

  • Promote and develop healthy and diverse neighborhoods surrounding the Downtown, including quality housing.

  • Enhance the walkability of the Downtown and community to support easy pedestrian access and to link community assets.

  • Preserve and enhance the historic small-town character of the Downtown, including its historic architecture and cultural heritage.

Completed Project Images...

Clocktower Building - Cortland, New York

East End Bakery - Cortland, NY

East End Housing - Cortland, NY

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