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Thoma Development Consultants is an experienced community development consulting firm serving municipalities and private customers throughout New York State. We specialize in planning, economic market analyses, grant preparation, and program implementation in the areas of housing, economic development, infrastructure, downtown revitalization, and community facilities.

Grant Preparation and Management

Thoma's roots lie in grant writing and program implementation. Our expertise in grantsmanship is evidenced by the nearly $100 million in project funding that Thoma has secured for our customers. We have experience working with more than 30 different State, federal, and private funding sources. We also have the in-house capability to administer grants and implement programs. Grant preparation and management are integral components of the many services we provide our customers. read more...

Strategic Planning

From Master Plans, to Strategic Plans, to Economic Development Strategies and Downtown Development Plans, Thoma is experienced in the community planning process. We help our customers to develop plans that guide them in implementing a realistic vision of what their community can be.

We at Thoma believe that planning should be process-driven and inclusive, action-oriented, and empowering. read more...

Feasibility Studies and Economic Impact Analysis

Accurate and unbiased data collection and analysis is a critical foundation in the planning and implementation of projects. Thoma has significant experience in completing Feasibility Studies for private developers and public entities to ascertain the viability of a proposed project, identify impediments, and provide customers with the information they need to make the right choices. read more...

It is the mission of Thoma Development Consultants to provide services to our customers and their clients that meet or exceed expectations. The cornerstone for our relationship with our customers and fellow employees is respect and trust. As an organization and as individual employees we shall continually seek to improve our abilities to benefit our customers. This mission is the shared responsibility of all employees.