East End Neighborhood Strategic Plan


The City of Cortland adopted the East End Neighborhood Strategic Plan in September of 2011. The Plan was developed to guide the City and neighborhood residents in creating a healthy, vibrant East End Neighborhood. To fund the Strategic Plan the City of Cortland was awarded $25,000 in grant funds from the Technical Assistance Program of the NYS Office of Community Renewal.  The City also contributed $17,000 in cash and in-kind services.  Thoma Development Consultants was hired to assist in the preparation of the Plan.  C&S Companies and Cynthia Teter, a Registered Landscape Architect, completed design renderings. 
The Mayor of Cortland appointed a Steering Committee to work with Thoma Development throughout the planning process.  The Steering Committee provided significant assistance in the development of the Plan through participation in work sessions, assisting in reviewing surveys, and guiding the direction of the Plan. To gain further input from the neighborhood, Thoma Development Consultants completed two mail surveys and a public Visioning Workshop open to all neighborhood residents and stakeholders.

A step-by-step process for achieving a revitalized neighborhood was developed which addresses the following goals:
  • Quality living conditions in a safe environment.

  • Basic goods and services to local residents and employees.

  • Opportunities for business growth and future employment.

  • Green spaces for recreational pursuits and aesthetic appeal.

  • Energy conscious development.

  • An attractive neighborhood for visitors and future investors.

  • An area that welcomes a diverse group of residents and businesses alike.


The projects summarized in the Action Agenda in Chapter V of the document, identify the actions for positive change based on the priorities identified during the strategic planning process.


The links below contain the various sections of the East End Neighborhood Strategic Plan. 



Cover and Table of Contents (each section in pdf format)

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Process

Chapter 3 Historical Perspective: Then and Now

Chapter 4 Existing Conditions & Analysis

Chapter 5 Action Agenda

Chapter 6 Appendices


Completed Project Images...

Clocktower Building - Cortland, New York

East End Bakery - Cortland, NY

East End Housing - Cortland, NY

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